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Family cruises

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What kinds of family cruises are there?
Cruises are a particularly exciting and varied way to travel not only for adults but also for children. People also has on board the opportunity to plan their holidays as it best suits the family situation on board. Whether you relax on family cruises in the sun or explore ashore a whole new culture on a previously foreign destination - all family should have fun. Not least because most major cruise lines have now specialized in families with children, so that all age groups fully get their money's worth on a cruise.

The types of single family cruises may be completely different: Large cruise ships have offered for a long time children and baby clubs where the little ones are completely cared for while parents have the opportunity to be pampered in a spa or visit the fitness center. If you decide against it for a smaller cruise ship, the animation program for children and families might not be quite as extensive, but the journey is then often individual. Ultimately, it is therefore primarily a question of the budget and the type of holiday, what kind of family cruise is the right for you and your family.

For whom are family cruises suitable?
It is a tale that cruises are only for adults or young, agile people - both seniors as well as babies and children are aboard a good cruise ship always welcome and may also look forward to corresponding offers for their age group. Thus a versatile animation and leisure program is offered for children, for example, on most large ships. Playgrounds, playgroups, children's clubs, tour groups for child-friendly trips ashore and baby day care are just a few of the many deals on family cruises.

The same is true for seniors who naturally also want a lot of comfort on the ship: You can, for example, test your handicraft skills in painting or knitting groups, indulge in cafes under the warm sun on deck a cappuccino with a delicious piece of cake or relax in the hot tub or relax with a massage. Also special buffets with light fare are already standard on most ships - and a medical service that is available around the clock, duty is requirement just as a pharmacy on board. Nevertheless, the main drugs should of course always be carried along. It is best, however, to inform yourself before booking which services are there aboard the respective vessel corresponding to be on the safe side as regards the number.