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Южная Европа / Средиземное море

Cruises in the Mediterranean allow you to discover fantastic places
We make your cruises in the Mediterranean a dream vacation and show you the most beautiful islands, beaches and port cities on our cruises. Mediterranean countries such as Spain or Italy with their heavenly landscapes and vibrant metropolises are naturally on the agenda during your Mediterranean cruise. But also spectacular natural wonders, idyllic coasts and sun-drenched sandy beaches you will be able to discover on our dream cruises in the Mediterranean. On shore excursions you will not only get to know historical sites and monuments but also the most diverse Mediterranean cultures. We offer you countless different cruise routes. For all cruises in the Mediterranean, you can enjoy a different atmosphere and a new way of life in every country - whether it is the French way of life, the serenity of Italy, the history-filled Greek islands or the fragrances of the Orient.