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Greenland cruises by expedition ships and ice breakers

Greenland cruises for adventurous cruise lovers
Cruises in Greenland take travelers to bizarre icebergs, deep fjords and majestic huge glaciers with endless ice fields, matching the green landscapes in the nature paradise of Greenland. Greenland cruises are the dream of every cruise-lover. We take you along on a fascinating cruise to glaciers and pack ice, to polar bears and rocks covered by emerald-green moss. Greenland is rich in history and untouched nature. Greenland is called in Greenlandic Kalaalit Nunaat, which means as much as "land of the people". Join us on our Greenland cruises on an expedition, that is characterized by various impressions and unforgettable experiences.

Discover Greenland in its diversity - with
The rough and rugged Greenland is indescribably beautiful. For Greenland cruises ships with special ice class are required depending on the season. From large icebreakers to the smaller expedition ships - the guest has on Greenland cruises the agony of choice. On the way to Arctic adventure cruisers experience the green southern part of the island with the trails of the Vikings, the capital Nuuk and the most active glacier in the world at Ilulissat. And of course the beautiful Disko Bay with its icebergs, the most beautiful region of Greenland. Experience the arctic landscape aboard a cruise ship - a world you'll never forget. At you are displayed the current offers of Greenland cruises. Select your preferred route from, book easily online and look forward to a ship journey of a special art through a nearly pristine world.

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  • Aappilattoq, Aasiaat, Akulleq, Akunerit, Svartenhuk Halbinsel, Alftanes, Alluitsoq, Alluitsup Paa, Ammassalik, Antarctic Havn, Aqisserniaq, Arsuk, Arsukfjord, Base Camp Paul Emile Victor, Beechey Island, Bjørnefaelden, Nuussuaq, Bolungarvik, Brattahlid, Camp Frieda, Clavering Ø, Daneborg, Danmark Ø, Danmarkshavn, Diskoinsel, Dundas, Eisfjord, Ella Island, Eqip Sermia, Etah, Evighed Fjord, Flakkerhuk, Fortunebay, Hafnarfjördur (Reykjavik), Hareøen Island, Herjolfness, Hunde Ejland, Hvalsey, Igaliku, Ilimanaq (Claushavn), Illorsuit, Ilulissat (Jakobshavn), Itilleq, Ittoqqortoormiit, Ivigtut, Kaiser-Franz-Joseph-Fjord, Kangaamiut, Kangerlussuaq (Söndre Strömfjord), Kangerlussuaq-Fjord, Kangersuatsiaq, Kangilinnguit, Kap Chalon, Kap Constitution, Kap Farvel (Cape Farewell), Kap Hofmann Halvø, Kap Morris Jesup, Kap Shackleton, Kap York, Kapisillit, Karrat, Kingittorsuaq Island, Kitsissuarsuit, Kopenhagen, Kraulshavn, Kuanerssuitfjord, Kullorsuaq, Kvanefjord, Maarmorilik, Maniitsôq (Sukkertoppen), Myggbukta, Naajat, Nanortalik, Nansen Harbor, Narsaq, Narsarmijit (Friedrichstal), Narssarssuaq, Niaqornat, Nordost-Grönland-Nationalpark, Nûk (Godthab), Nuliarfik, Nuuk, Oornoq, Icefjord, Oqaatsut, Paamiut (Frederikshab), Paris, Qaanaaq (Thule), Qaqortoq (Julianehab), Qasigiannguit, Qassiarsuk, Qassimiut, Qeqertarsuaq, Disko Island, Qeqertarsuatsiaat (Fiskenaesset), Qilakitsoq, Qingminguartalik, Qooqqut, Queqertasuaq (Godhavn), Qullissat, Reykjavik, Rodebay, Sabine Insel, Sam Ford Fjord, Baffin Island, Saqqaq...

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