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Гёта-канал / Швеция

The Göta Canal, although built in 1832, is until today Sweden's largest structure and is one of the greatest destinations that you can discover on a cruise. Aboard stylish old river steamers or on modern, comfortable river cruise ships you will pass through the "Blue Ribbon" between the Swedish North Sea and the Baltic Sea, past picturesque lakes, such as Roxen, Vättern and Vänern. Your ship overcomes the nearly 92-meter altitude difference on the Göta Canal through 58 locks. The banks are lined with charming sights, splendid river landscapes, lake dwellings in the water and picturesque towns and villages, which are marked by the idyllic atmosphere and the lighting effects of the Göta Canal. The Tiveden National Park is a picturesque piece of nature: hilly, rocky, and the absolute epitome of a fairy tale forest. A trip on a river cruise ship offers you a wonderful perspective on the Swedish countryside. Your adventure cruise continues at the defiant Karlsborg Fortress, where you can experience the garrison-life of the 19th Century firsthand. On many occasions you can also rent canoes or bicycles and be enchanted by the surroundings on the towpath along the Göta Canal. One of the most impressive sights of the cruises on the Göta Canal is the lock of a Berg, consisting of seven connected locks. You can watch this spectacle on the deck of your cruise ship. Stockholm and Gothenburg, two beautiful historic cities are, of course, on the itinerary of your river cruise: Stockholm is characterized by traditional international importance which is reflected in the Reichstag Building and in the castle; and Gothenburg by its modern flair. This river cruise on the Göta Canal is a recreational trip that will shift you back to the 19th Century, where famous writers and aristocrats traveled through the Göta Canal by ship, but it also lets you take an active part in the current life of Sweden. Shortly: this cruise is a perfect blend of culture and nature!

  • Berg, Birka, Borensberg, Carlsborg, Eskilstuna, Forsvik, Hajstorp, Kållandsö, Karlsborg, Kiruna, Lilla Edet, Lödöse, Lyrestad, Mora, Motala, Runstorp, Sävsundet, Sjötorp, Söderköping, Södertälje, Stegeborg, Töreboda, Trollhättan, Trosa, Uppsala, Vadstena, Vänersborg, Vassbacken