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Antarctic cruises

Nowhere in the world does one find such a magnificent nature as in the Antarctic. This cruise would like to take you on a very big adventure through the beautiful white continent at the lowest part of the earth. On our cruise ships you can witness one of the last natural wonders. A world without cities, a paradise of tens of thousands of penguins, polar bears, elephant seals and seals awaits for you in the Antarctic. A charming wildlife and majestic, glistening icebergs, towering glaciers and eternal ice. Discover on a cruise the timeless beauty of the Antarctic ice with its floating ice sculptures that shimmer in different shades of blue. In all sizes and shapes, you can admire it on your cruise from the Weddell Sea to the Antarctic Circle. The sixth continent is full of extremes: cold stormy and dry and yet so delicate in color. Enormous ice formations, moss-covered rocks and brilliant yellow lichens and an incredible diversity of flora and fauna - abundant wonderful contrasts make up the fascination of a cruise in the Antarctic. You can experience up close the fascinating history of Antarctica‘s discovery on shore excursions during the cruise, by visiting lodges and tombs of brave polar explorers, former weather and research stations and lonely hunting cottages. One of the many highlights of a cruise in the Antarctic includes a visit to the animal rich Falkland Islands or the penguin colonies in South Georgia where tens of thousands of King Penguins provide a natural unique spectacle that you will never forget! Here on the Arctic peninsula you can relax and come to rest - a deserted continent of peace and paradise. Waiting for you is a dream cruise into a bizarre world away from civilization.

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  • Adelaide-Insel, Aitcho Island, Almirante Brown, Antarktische Halbinsel, Anvers Island, Arctowski, Ardley Cove, King George, Argentine Islands, Astrolabe Island, Auckland Islands, Barren Island, Falkland-Inseln, Bleaker Island, Falkland-Inseln, Bouvet-Insel (Bouvetøya), Brown Bluff, Buenos Aires, Bull Point, Falkland-Inseln, Burke Island, Cape Adare, Cape Evans, Ross Island, Cape Hallett, Cape Roget, Carcass Island, Falkland-Inseln, Charcot-Insel, Cierva Cove, Cook Island, Südliche Thuleinseln, Cooper Bay, Cooper Island, Süd-Shetland Inseln, Coronation Island, Coulman Island, Crystal Sound, Cumberland Halbinsel, Südgeorgien, Cuverville Island, Deception Island, Detaille Island, Devil Island, Drygalski Fjord, Südgeorgien, Elefanteninsel, Enterprise Island, Falkland-Inseln, Fish Islands, Fortuna Bay, Südgeorgien, Galindez-Insel, Gold Harbour, Südgeorgien, Grave Cove, Falkland-Inseln, Greenwich Island, Grytviken, Südgeorgien, Half Moon Island, Heard Island, Hope Bay, Horseshoe Island, Île Saint-Paul, Intercurrence Island, Isla Carlos III, James Ross Island, Jason Islands, Falkland-Inseln, Jubang, Dallman Lab, Kap Hoorn, Kap Royds, Kerguelen Archipel, King George, King George Island, Lemaire-Channel, Livingston Island, Lyttelton (Christchurch), Marble Point, Mc Murdo Station, McMurdo Sound, Melchior Island, Mikkelsen Harbor, Montanas Fjord, Montevideo, Nationalpark Torres del Paine, Neko Harbour, New Island, Falkland-Inseln, Palmer Archipel, Paradise Bay, Paradise Harbour, Paulet Island, Penguin Island, Peter-I.-Island, Petermann Island, Petrel Island, Pleneau Island, Port Lockroy, Goudies Island, Possession Islands, Potter Cove, Pourquoi Pas Island, Prospect Point, Puerto Madryn, Puerto Montt, Puerto Natales, Puerto Williams, Punta Arenas, Renaud Island, Rio de Janeiro, Ross Meer, Ross-Insel, Salisbury Plain, Südgeorgien, Santiago de Chile, Saunders Island (Südliche Sandwichinseln)...

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