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Кругосветный круиз

A cruise around the world is a unique experience . A world tour on a cruise ship is superlative ! Find out which areas are of particular interest to you and then select one of our many world cruise routes. You can take a great world tour or if you do not have so much time even a small world tour. On board our luxury / comfort cruise ships - whether you travel only a section or the whole world - you can indulge in fresh sea air , sun, and a refined ambience around the clock and still see the whole world .You travel to the most beautiful countries in the world , countless ports , different continents , modern cities , bustling metropolises and small picturesque towns and islands. On a cruise through the world's oceans there will be no end to your astonishment . The most amazing natural spectacles , beautiful coastlines, enchanting islands, majestic cities and historical places you will encounter as well as endless white sand beaches, rare animal and plant species , glaciers , fjords, jungles , tropical rain forests , deserts and lonely expanses . The whole multifaceted kingdom of the earth you can marvel at on a world cruise and discover pyramids, temples and shrines , oriental markets , skyscrapers , high-tech cities , wilderness, unusual cheerfulness and hospitality you will encounter everywhere on this world tour . Take at least once in your lifetime a small or a great world tour on a cruise ship. You will be happy and experience the feeling of infinite gain.
  • we currently have 154 routes on offer.

  • Aa, Lofoten, Aalborg, Aappilattoq, Aarhus, Aasiaat, Abacate, Abashiri, Abel Tasman Nationalpark, Aberdeen, Schottland, Aberdeen, Sierra Leone, Abidjan, Abraao, Ilha Grande, Abrolhos Archipel, Abu Dhabi, Abu Simbel, Aburatsu, Acajutla, Acapulco, Achao, Insel Quinchao, Aci Trezza, Sizilien, Ad-Dakhla, Adabya, Adak Island, Aleuten, Adalvik, Adamas, Milos (Kykladen), Adamstown, Pitcairn Island, Addis Abeba, Addu Atoll, Adelaide, Adelaide-Insel, Adele Island, Adele Island, Aden (Adan), Admiralty Bay, Bequia, Aegina, Aeroe, Aeroeskoebing, Afuá, Aga Limani, Agadir, Agana, Guam, Agardhbukta, Spitzbergen, Agats, Agatti, Aghiyuk Island, Agia Anna (Naxos), Kykladen, Agios Nikolaos, Kreta, Agkali, Santorin (Kykladen), Agra, Agropoli, Aguas Calientes, Aguilas, Ahe, Tuamotu Archipel, Ahlstrandhalvøya, Ain Soukhna, Ainsworth Bay, Airão, Airlie Beach, Aitcho Island, Aitutaki, Cook-Inseln, Ajaccio, Korsika, Akaroa, Akauk Taung, Akita, Akpatok Island, Ungava Bay (Nunavut), Akseløya, Spitzbergen, Akulleq, Akunerit, Svartenhuk Halbinsel, Akureyri, Eyjafjördur , Akutan Island, Aleuten, Al-Fujayrah, Al-Khums, Al-Manamah, Al-Mukalla, Al-Wadschh, Alaid Island, Aleuten, Alanya, Albany, Albreda, Albufeira, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Alcoutim, Alcúdia, Mallorca (Balearen), Aldabra, Alderney, Kanalinseln; England, Alejandro Selkirk Island, Ålesund, Bredsund, Alexander Bay, Alexandria, Alexandria, Virginia, Alftanes, Algeciras, Alger-Insel, Franz-Joseph-Land, Alghero, Sardinien, Algier, Ali Island, Alicante, Alice Springs, Alim Island, Alimathaa, Vaavu Atoll...