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AIDA Cruises: AIDAnova


AIDAnova - new and different

Sail on the blue sea without a guilty conscience and always call at new exciting harbors - lots of fun, rest and a lot of variety for the whole family, for couples and for singles.

If you were previously in doubt about what you are doing to the environment on a journey by ship, you can now be completely reassured. The era of environmentally friendly cruising has begun! The AIDAnova by AIDA Cruises is a modern ship of the latest generation. It belongs to the Helios class, which states that it is operated 100 percent by the environmentally friendly LPG. Varied offers of delicious culinary delights, for the best entertainment and for extensive relaxation are offered on the contemporary club ship.

Since 2018, the pleasurable AIDAnova has traveled with up to 6,600 passengers. These enjoy themselves from young to old according to their ideas.

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  • Up to 5000 passengers can fit on the AIDAnova.

  • The AIDAnova was built in 2018.

  • Предлагаемые бортовые языки различаются в зависимости от компании-перевозчика. Помимо немецких судоходных компаний AIDA, TUI Cruises и PHOENIX, судоходные компании, такие как Costa и MSC, также предлагают немецкоязычные контактные лица и береговые экскурсии. Предлагаемые бортовые языки обычно называются в туристической рекламе. Также можно отфильтровать по желаемому языку посадки.